Finally - A real solution to the Yak 52's limited fuel problem. 


23-24 GALLONS per side with FULL CUSTOM FOAM inside the tanks


Installation is easy and one person can install the bladders in 2 1/2 - 3 days or less.  Two people will take about 2 days.     Simply remove the existing metal tanks and install the new fuel bladders in the same fuel cavity.  Taping the fuel cavity with PVC tape (supplied with the bladders by our FAA Approved manufacturer), which prevents chafing is really the slowest part of the entire installation.   Install the supplied check valve in the vent line and the installation is complete.  We use the original Yak 52 metal tank fuel senders which you "calibrate" to the stock fuel instrument the first time you fill the bladders.

It is highly recommended you seriously consider installing a fuel flow instrument, such as the JPI FS450G (be sure it is the G model) which will accurately measure not only the fuel flow, but the total fuel remaining in the fuel tanks.  Tweaking or calibrating what is called the K factor for the fuel flow transducer is done each time you fill up for the first few fill-ups.  Once this is done, the fuel flow instruments accuracy calculating the fuel remaining in the tanks is incredible.  

The price of the bladder set, including full foam, fuel filler plate (we use the original Yak fuel caps now) and check valve is $5200 US plus freight.  Delivery is approximately 8 weeks from receipt of order.  Please don't hesitate to contact me to go over any questions which you may have or for additional information.