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These are links to companies, people and places on the internet that are a benefit to the YAK community:


bulletIf you are in need of expert M14 engine repairs, overhaul and parts, contact M14P, Inc. in Kingman, AZ.  Email Jill  Carl and Jill are both A & P's and IA's   and both attended and received certification on our venerable M14's from the M14 engine factory in Russia.   Needless to say, they are clearly the experts in the field.  If you have an urgent situation, you can call them at 928-681-4400.
bullet Visit Border Air  and talk with George or Cliff Coy about new YAK 52W and YAK 52TW's as well as spare parts for all Yak 52's.   George and Cliff has been importing Yak 52's for many, many years and they are undoubtedly two of the most knowledgeable individuals you will ever talk to about YAK's.
bullet Richard Goodie Aerobatics in the UK is a great source for Yak parts
bullet The Experimental Aircraft Association has greatly contributed to the freedoms we have in operating these fine aircraft.
bullet A very clever VOR simulator that runs in your browser.
bulletHere's a link to our Yak friends in Germany;